Missions are tasks you can complete to earn Bux (or sometimes coins) in Tiny Tower.

As of version 3.0.0, missions appear randomly. When a mission is available, a blue square with an exclamation mark and one of your bitzens appears in the upper left of the screen. By tapping on it, you see the mission details and can choose to skip (cancel mission and wait for another) or continue the mission. When the mission is done, the blue square turns green and the reward can be collected.

Types of missions Edit

Find missions Edit

You are asked to find certain bitizens or objects in your tower. The reward is between 10 and 100 bux and depends on the height of your tower.

Tower Height Bux reward
1-8 10
9-18 20
19-28 30
29-38 40
39-48 50
49-58 60
59-68 70
69-78 80
79-88 90
89-∞ 100

There are three kinds of find missions:

Find bitizen Edit

Find one bitizen who lives in your tower. The name of the bitizen is shown in the mission details. You can quickly find them if you consult the Bitizen list. There is a sort method labeled "A - Z" to sort the bitizens in alphabetical order (by first name). Open their information and you will see both their apartment and their job. Check both locations and you will find that Bitizen.

Examples of find bitizen missions:

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Mission description
"Some theater tickets need to be delivered to <name>. Find <him/her> before curtain time!"
"A personal chef has arrived for <name>;. Find <him/her> before they go hungry!"
"A package needs to be delivered to <name>. Find <him/her> so they can sign for it."
"A financial planner is here to meet with <name>. Will you track <him/her> down?
"<name> is late for an important meeting. Find <him/her> before they get in trouble!"
"Some football tickets need to be delivered to <name>. Find <him/her> before the show!"
"A lost item needs to be returned to <name>, help return it to <him/her>!"
"An old schoolmate is looking for <name>, help <him/her> reconnect!"

Find customized bitizens Edit

Find a number of bitizens who all wear the same customization. Each of them appears on a random floor and moves around there. When you tap on them, they jump and run away. More than one customized bitizens may appear on a single floor. Customized bitizens may also appear on empty floors.

Examples of find customized bitizens missions:

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Customized bitizens are always behind your permanent bitizens (commercial and residential floors).

Mission description Objective
"The robots have finally come for us! Save us all!" Find 5 robots


"Some motorcycle enthusiasts seem to think I owe them something. Long story, don't ask! Help me get rid of them, please?" Find 7 bikers


"I know people have been complaining about the smell but people are just too sensitive. You can tell the hazmat crew to go home!" Find 12 hazmats


"The paparazzi are harassing all the Tiny Tower celebrities! Get them out of here!" Find 8 paparazzis


"The Tiny Correctional facility next door has reported 8 prisoners missing, keep an eye out!" Find 8 convicts


"These people keep trying to build longboats from things in the tower while singing opera, could you please get rid of them?" Find 8 vikings


"Some scientists are doing experiments in tiny tower, find them to collect the results!" Find 6 labcoats

Lab Coat

"These cave... people were filming a commercial in the tower without a permit, get them outta here!" Find 5 cavemen


"This is the 3rd time my toaster has been stolen from my apartment. Can you please get rid of the crime in Tiny Tower?" Find 6 burglars


"These fraternity pledges keep stealing all my towels to make togas! Please get rid of them!" Find 8 togas


"I uncovered some illegal logging occurring in the tower! Get them out of here!" Find 6 lumberjacks


"This vigilante is out of control, find them!" Find 1 Captain Bit

Captain Bit

"Some farmers keep planting corn in the lobby planters, it's starting to attract birds! Stop them!" Find 3 farmers


Find objects Edit

Find a number of objects in your tower. More than one object may appear on a single floor. Objects may also appear on empty floors.

Objects are always on the bottom of your floor. Bitizens will never walk in front of an object (vase, beds, sandwiches, apples, pizza boxes, jewelry, shrimp, buckets etc.) .

Examples of find objects missions:

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Mission description Objective
"I'm building a warp pipe to work so I don't have to take the elevator. Pick up any pipes you see laying around!" Find 3 pipes
"I followed the rainbow and it ended right here in Tiny Tower! That gold must be somewhere!" Find 1 pot of gold
"I'm doing an open floorplan type thing with my apartment, but I need a bulldozer to get started!" Find 1 bulldozer
"Someone thought it would be funny to take all the paintings out of my room and hide them around the tower. Help me pick them up!" Find 6 paintings
"I can't find my Tinyweight World Championship belt! You gotta find it or people will never believe me!" Find 1 belt
"I was supposed to get barrel of my favorite root beer, but they delivered it to the wrong place. Be a pal and find it!" Find 1 barrel
"Saw there statues in the tower and thought they would look good in my bathroom, pick them up, they can send me a bill." Find 3 statues
"I need a ton of pizza for the LAN party i'm throwing! Scrounge up some pizza for these hungry gamers!" Find 5 pizza boxes
"Noooo they be stealin my bucket! Help me get my bucket back!" Find 1 bucket
"Can you find the ancient idol and escape with it? Watch out for demon monkies!" Find 1 ancient idol
"I'm going to bake my mom's apple pie recipe, can you help me find some apples?" Find 8 apples
"Someone is accusing me of stealing their kid's toy! Find where they lost it!" Find 1 toy dinosaur
"I loooove gold! I know there is some hidden around here, lets partner up!" Find 5 gold
"Someone stole my collection of wall mounted singing fish! What a world we live in. Can you find them for me?" Find 6 singing fish
"I'm trying to build some bookshelves in my apartment, but I don't have the proper tools. Can you find me a bandsaw?" Find 1 bandsaw
"Someone thought it would be a funny prank to hide all my vinyl albums. Can you help me get my collection back?" Find 6 vinyl albums
"I lost our delivery of Mother’s Day bouquets! Please help me find them!" (Mother’s Day mission) Find 5 bouquets

Delivery missions Edit

You are asked to deliver a number of bitizens, who all wear the same customization, to their desired destination using the elevator. The reward is between 10 and 50 bux depending on the height of your tower.

Tower Height Bux reward
1-18 10
19-38 20
39-58 30
59-78 40
79-∞ 50

Examples of delivery missions:

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Mission description Objective
"A crew of astronauts is here to board their shuttle... I hope the whole tower doesn't lift off!" Deliver 3 astronauts


"These folks are here on a fishing trip, help them find that big catch!" Deliver 4 fishing


"Tiny Tower is hosting some veterans for a fundraiser - show them a good time!" Deliver 3 soldiers


"My friends from Texas are thinking about moving here. Can you show them around?" Deliver 3 cowboys


"Some of my more... rustic relatives have come to visit me in Tiny Tower, show them around so they stop bugging me!" Deliver 3 overalls


"I hired some outside help to try and clean up the riffraff here. Get them where they need to go!" Deliver 4 super heroes

Super Hero

Stock missions Edit

You are asked to fully stock a certain floor. The reward for this type of mission is always 10 bux.

Examples of stock missions:

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Mission description Floor type
"My friends and I need a bite to eat!! Better get the <floor name> fully stocked!" Food
"I need some work done by the <floor name>. Fully stock it please! Thank you!" Service
"I have a hot date tonight! I think they will love the <floor name>. I need it full stocked asap!" Recreation
"I’ve had a rough day and all I want to do is spend a few hours making stuff over at <floor name>, will you fully stock it?" Creative

Missions without objective Edit

These missions do not have an objective. They are already finished and you can collect the reward immediately. The reward can be a number of bux or coins depending on the mission.

Examples of missions without objective:

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Mission description Reward
"You won the Tiny Tower beauty contest! Congratulations!" 1,000 coins
"I can’t find a donations box so I’ll just give this to you." 10 bux
"Here is my rent money, we do have to pay rent here, right?" 10 bux
"Here is the rent, right on time!" 1,500 coins
"Here is the rent, plus a little extra. I don’t have any cats in the apartment. I swear. Please don’t check." 1,500 coins
"Will this be enough to put new carpet in my apartment? I hate this color!" 847 coins

Legacy missionsEdit

These missions are no longer in the game as of version 3.0.0.

# Mission Bitizen Description Requirements Bux earned
1One Mad Tea Party One Mad Tea Party A Mad Hatter is throwing an "Absolutely Mad Tea Party" and needs the following: 225 Green Tea (Tea House)
1,350 Sugar Cookies (Bakery)
2Comic Convention Comic Convention Your tower is hosting a comic convention and needs to collect: 675 Mage Cards (Comic Store)
450 Cold Medicine (Pharmacy)
3Award Night Award Night Your tower is hosting an awards show! We need the following: 5,400 Teeth Whitening (Dentists Office)
450 Haircut (Barber Shop)
4The Dude Abides The Dude Abides A cherished rug has been stolen! Bowling and sarsaparilla will help us think! We need: 1,350 Single Game (Bowling Alley)
2,500 Root Beer (Pub)
5One Big Score One Big Score Some Bitizens think they have a system to beat the odds! Collect the following: 9,000 Loan Application (Bank)
4,500 Poker Game (Casino)
6Bithoven's Symphony Bithoven&#039;s Symphony A grand symphony has been planned! We need: 2,700 Chair (Wood Shop)
1,000 Sheet Music (Music Store)
7Prom Night Prom Night Your tower is hosting a prom dance! The dance requires: 1,125 Corsage (Floral Studio)
4,500 3 Piece Suit (Mens Fashion)
8A Bit Fishy A Bit Fishy A recent oil spill has resulted in a sea food shortage! People can't get enough: 1,125 Sea Urchin (Sushi Bar)
1,350 Shrimp Platters (Mexican Food)
9Thanksgiving Feast Thanksgiving Feast Family from all over are flying in for a feast! Gather these items: 2,250 Roast Duck (Fancy Cuisine)
2,700 Flight Booking (Travel Agency)
10On the Beat On the Beat Tiny Tower police need a coffee break! Bring them: 300 Cup of Joe (Diner)
2,025 Glazed Donut (Donut Shop)
11The Heist The Heist Some Bitizens are planning a heist on a neighboring tower. They need these supplies: 2,025 ID Badges (Security Office)
8,100 Radios (Security Office)
12Soy Loco Soy Loco A vegetarian craze is sweeping the tower, all people want to eat are: 2,025 Orange Tofu (Asian Cuisine)
1,575 Soy Burger (Vegan Food)
13Santa's Swap Santa&#039;s Swap The children in your tower need cookies in exchange for their toys! 1,650 Sugar Cookies (Bakery)
2,050 Toy Soldiers (Toy Store)
14New Years 2012 New Years 2012 Everyone is excited to celebrate the coming of the New Year in your tower! Celebrations and resolutions require: 450 Cocktail (Night Club)
5,400 Cardio Workout (Health Club)
15Save the Planet Save the Planet A growing number of Bitizens are becoming environmentally conscious, we need: 3,600 Mountain Bike (Bike Shop)
450 Beet Salad (Vegan Food)
16Nasty Bug Nasty Bug There's a nasty bug going around your tower :( Those affected need the following: 450 Cold Medicine (Pharmacy)
525 Soup & Sandwich (Diner)
17Last Night Last Night Bitizens in your tower have been making some decisions they regret! There's been a run on: 450 Root Beer (Pub)
7,200 Demon Skull (Tattoo Parlor)
18Hot Trends Hot Trends Hipsters in your tower have lead[sic] to increased demand of: 225 Espresso (Coffee House)
6,750 Discography (Record Shop)
19The Big Game The Big Game Everyone is excited to watch the big game! Collect the following: 10,350 Flat Screen TV (Tech Store)
1,125 Hot Wings (Pub)
20Valentine's 2012 Valentine&#039;s 2012 Everyone in your tower is making plans for Valentine's Day, stock the following 5,400 Stone Massage (Day Spa)
16,200 Arrangement (Floral Studio)
21President's Day 2012 Presidents Day 2012 Celebrations and sales are in full swing for Presidents Day! Stock the following: 3,200 Used Van (Auto Dealer)
5,200 End Table (Furniture Store)
22Beware of Dog Beware of Dog After failing to buy your tower, a rival developer would like the following: 13,500 Tower Design (Architect Office)
4,500 City Sim (Game Studio)
23Superstar Superstar A certain young pop singer is going to be performing in your tower! We need: 4,500 Band Poster (Graphic Design)
5,250 Album (Record Shop)
24Bits in Space Bits in Space Your tower is starting its own space program! They need the following: 1,350 Rocket Ship (Toy Store)
1,800 Planet Tour (Planetarium)
25St. Patty's 2012 St. Patty&#039;s 2012 The Bitizens are perparing for St. Patrick's Day festivities! They need: 550 Green Tea (Tea House)
2,700 Green Tumbler (Glass Studio)
26A Baby is Born A Baby is Born To capture this precious moment we need: 2,700 Family Portrait (Photo Studio)
270 Toy Blocks (Toy Store)
27Wedding Season Wedding Season Love is in the air and Bitizens are getting hitched! These products are in demand: 5,400 Full Ceremony (Wedding Chapel)
7,200 Bouquet (Floral Studio)
28April Fool's 2012 April Fool&#039;s 2012 Bitizens are preparing some hijinks in your tower! They need: 225 LOL's (Comedy Club)
1,350 Trick Shots (Billiard Hall)
29Spring Time Spring Time Spring is in full-swing in your tower, there's been a run on: 7,200 Bouquet (Floral Studio)
2,025 Butterfly (Tattoo Parlor)
30Tiny Taxes Tiny Taxes Bitizens are scrambling to complete their tax returns! They need: 5,400 Addition Help (Tutoring Center)
9,000 Loan Application (Bank)
31Earth Day 2012 Earth Day 2012 Your tower is going green for Earth Day! We need: 1,710 Hanging Plant (Plant Nursery)
8,100 Cans (Recycling)
32Cinco de Mayo 2012 Cinco de Mayo 2012 The Bitizens are preparing for Cinco De Mayo festivities! They need: 130 Chips & Salsa (Mexican Food)
2,025 Trumpet (Music Store)
33Mother's Day 2012 Mother&#039;s Day 2012 Bitizens are buying gifts for their mothers in droves! We need: 5,400 Stone Massage (Day Spa)
9,000 Nice Outfit (Womens Fashion)
34Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Bitizens are planning trips to soak up some sun! We need: 5,400 Cruise Booking (Travel Agency)
675 Triple Scoop (Scoops)
35Summer School Summer School Your Bitizens are keeping smart over the summer! They need: 1,125 Hardback (Book Store)
8,100 Grammar Help (Tutoring Center)
36First Apartment First Apartment Lots of Bitizens are moving into their first apartments! They need: 3,600 Modern Chair (Furniture Store)
5,900 Detailed Vase (Pottery Studio)
37Team Tiny Team Tiny Tryouts are being held for the tower softball team! Bitizens need: 2,700 Check Up (Doctors Office)
1,350 Weight Workout (Health Club)
38Tower Watch Tower Watch Your Bitizens have formed a crime-solving group called the Tower Watch! They need: 8,100 Radios (Security Office)
22,500 Surveillance (Private Eye)
39Father's Day 2012 Father&#039;s Day 2012 Everyone is buying gifts for Father's Day! There's been a run on: 3,600 Mountain Bike (Bike Shop)
18,000 DVD Release (Animation Studio)
40Pocket Planes Pocket Planes With the release of NimbleBit's Pocket Planes, Bitizens are jetting around the globe! Collect: 2,700 Flight Booking (Travel Agency)
45 Bar Nuts (Pub)
41A Day at the Beach A Day at the Beach The warm weather has everyone wishing for a day at the beach. Gather: 900 Sandals (Shoe Store)
13,500 Tournament (Volleyball Club)
1,350 Jumbo Swirl (Frozen Yogurt)
42Beat the Heat Beat the Heat A heatwave has hit your tower, the Bitizens need: 900 Frappe (Coffee House)
450 Root Beer (Pub)
1,800 Cola 6 Pack (Soda Brewery)
43Frog Fundraiser Frog Fundraiser Your tower is hosting a fundraiser to save endangered frogs! They need: 9,900 Charity Event (Museum)
450 Sparkling Juice (Fancy Cuisine)
44London Games London Games Bitizens are preparing for the upcoming London Games! They need: 13,500 Tournament (Volleyball Club)
1,350 Sneakers (Shoe Store)
13,500 Tournament (Racquetball)
45Mars Curiosity Mars Curiosity Bitizens are excited for the Mars Curiosity landing! They need: 4,500 Solar Tour (Planetarium)
13,500 Mystery Goo (Laboratory)
46Self Defense Self Defense Bitizens in your tower are getting serious about self-defense! They need: 7,800 White Belt (Martial Arts)
12,000 Tasers (Security Office)
47Music Festival Music Festival Your tower is hosting a music festival! We need: 2,025 Trumpet (Music Store)
21,000 Album Recording (Recording Studio)
48Bit Trek TNG Bit Trek TNG Everyone is watching the newly released Bit Trek DVDs! They need: 18,000 DVD Release (Animation Studio)
10,350 Flat Screen TV (Tech Store)
49Labor Day 2012 Labor Day 2012 Bitizens are holding a Labor Day parade! They need: 3,500 Convertible (Auto Dealer)
375 Radios (Security Office)
50Fire Drill Fire Drill Your tower is holding a fire drill! Firefighters need: 8,100 Radios (Security Office)
5,000 Tower Design (Architect Office)
51Back to Wiz School Back to Wiz School Some Bitizens are preparing to go to a very special school, they need: 2,025 Tarot Reading (Fortune Teller)
5,400 Love Potion (Laboratory)
1,125 Hardback (Book Store)
52MyPhone 5 Launch MyPhone 5 Launch Bitizens are already lining up for the MyPhone 5! They need: 5,400 MyPhone (Mapple Store)
2,025 News Segment (TV Studio)
53Cowabunga Cowabunga Bitizens have noticed some odd looking turtles in the Tiny Tower sewers! Collect: 3,500 Mystery Goo (Laboratory)
1,500 Black Belt (Martial Arts)
225 Giant Pizza (Pizza Place)
54Canadian Thanks 2012 Canadian Thanks 2012 Canadian Bitizens in your tower are celebrating Thanksgiving! They need: 1,125 Roasted Potatoes (Vegan Food)
2,250 Roast Duck (Fancy Cuisine)
55Baseball Playoffs Baseball Playoffs Bitizens are hard at work watching baseball playoffs! They need: 45 Bar Nuts (Pub)
675 Popcorn (Cineplex)
56Mimecon 2012 Mimecon 2012 Your tower is hosting a mime convention! They need: 2,700 Facial (Day Spa)
2,025 Interpretive Dance (Theater)
57Halloween 2012 Halloween 2012 Bitizens are preparing for Halloween! They need: 2,025 Choc Truffle (Chocolatier)
36,000 Monster (Laboratory)
9,000 Screams (Haunted House)
58Election 2012 Election 2012 Bitt Romney and Barack Bitbama are running for tower president! They need: 14,850 TV Ad (Ad Agency)
2,025 News Segment (TV Studio)
59North Pole Recon North Pole Recon An elf has arrived to do some naughty/nice recon for Santa! He needs: 8,100 Background Check (Private Eye)
1,350 Palm Reading (Fortune Teller)
60Board Meeting Board Meeting Big-shot executives are holding their annual board meeting and need catering! 900 12 Inch Sub (Sub Shop)
2,025 Walnut Muffins (Bakery)
225 Espresso (Coffee House)
61Valentines 2013 Valentines 2014 Your Bitizens are in love and celebrating Valentines! Collect 6,525 Arrows (Archery Range)
4,950 Choc Box (Chocolatier)
62National Pig Day National Pig Day Bitizens are going hog wild for National Pig Day, they need: 2,025 Cowboy Hat (Hat Shop)
675 Pet Portrait (Photo Studio)
63St. Patty's Day 2013 St. Patty&#039;s Day 2013 Bitizens are gearing up for St. Patty's Day! They need: 1,350 Sugar Cookies (Bakery)
2,700 Top Hat (Hat Shop)
64Tower Taxes Tower Taxes Bitizens are rushing to prepare their taxes! The[sic] need: 5,400 Addition Help (Tutoring Center)
9,000 Loan Application (Bank)
65Arbor Day 2013 Arbor Day 2013 For a day at the park to hug trees, you will need: 2,475 Fertilizer (Plant Nursery)
675 9 Inch Sub (Sub Shop)
66Cinco de Mayo 2013 Cinco de Mayo 2013 Bitizens are getting festive for Cinco de Mayo! They need: 450 Tacos (Mexican Food)
2,025 Trumpet (Music Store)
67Mother's Day 2013 Mother&#039;s Day 2013 Bitizens are full of appreciation for their mothers. They need: 1,575 Purse (Womens Fashion)
2,250 Earrings (Jewelry Store)
5,400 Stone Massage (Day Spa)
68Armed Forces Day 2013 Armed Forces Day 2013 Bitizens are showing support for their armed forces. They need: 1,350 Toy Soldiers (Toy Store)
450 Haircut (Barber Shop)
8,100 Radios (Security Office)
69Memorial Day 2013 Memorial Day 2013 Bitizens are honoring the fallen. They need: 2,025 Trumpet (Music Store)
7,200 Bouquet (Floral Studio)
70JFK's Birthday JFK&#039;s Birthday Bitizens in your tower are honoring President Kennedy! They need: 675 Rocket Ship (Toy Store)
2,025 News Segment (TV Studio)
71Feel The Earth Feel the Earth Bitizens are one with the Earth. They need: 3,600 Mountain Bike (Bike Shop)
8,100 Cans (Recycling)
18,000 Glass (Recycling)
72Flag Day 2013 Flag Day 2013 Stars and stripes galore in your tower! Get the following: 7,200 Bolts of Fabric (Fabric Shop)
450 Thread Spool (Fabric Shop)
73Father's Day 2013 Father&#039;s Day 2013 A special day for dads everywhere. Your Bitizens need: 2,700 Laptop (Tech Store)
18,000 DVD Release (Animation Studio)
74Solstice Solstice This will be a very long day! Your Bitizens need: 900 Sandals (Shoe Store)
18,000 Disc Toss (Park)
75Independence Day '13 Independence Day &#039;13 Feeling patriotic? Bitizens need: 2,025 Loaded Dog (Hot Dog Joint)
2,025 Cowboy Hat (Hat Shop)
76Aboriginal Day Aboriginal Day Bitizens are celebrating native cultures, they need: 6,525 Arrows (Archery Range)
20,500 Custom Robes (Costume Shop)
77Moon Day Moon Day A small step for bit-kind. Bitizens need: 675 Rocket Ship (Toy Store)
400 Ice Cream Bar (Scoops)
78Pioneer Day Pioneer Day Bitizens are preparing to explore! They need: 19,350 Tune Up (Mechanic)
1,350 Camera (Tech Store)
79Book Lovers Day Book Lovers Day The bookworms in your tower need: 14,850 Bookcase (Wood Shop)
1,125 Hardback (Book Store)
80Summer Vacation '13 Summer Vacation &#039;13 Bitizens are going on summer vacation! They need: 20,500 Custom Board (Surf Shop)
675 Small Smoothie (Smoothie Shop)
81Relaxation Day Relaxation Day Bitizens are taking some time to relax, the[sic] need: 5,400 Stone Massage (Day Spa)
675 Vanilla Candle (Candle Shop)
82Aviation Day Aviation Day Bitizens are crazy about aviation! They need: 2,700 Flight Booking (Travel Agency)
45 Bar Nuts (Pub)
83Senior Citizens Day Senior Citizens Day Bitizens are showing support for their elders, they need: 1,350 Bird Feeding (Park)
1,575 Purse (Womens Fashion)
675 Tie (Mens Fashion)
84Labor Day '13 Labor Day &#039;13 Bitizens are celebrating workers everywhere! They need: 9,000 Leak Fix (Plumber)
13,500 Inspection (Fire Station)
85Programmers' Day Programmers&#039; Day Show your support for software developers by collecting: 2,700 Laptop (Tech Store)
9,000 Anti-Virus App (Software Studio)
86Oktoberfest '13 Oktoberfest &#039;13 Bitizens are celebrating Oktoberfest! They need: 450 Root Beer (Pub)
6,750 Cuckoo Clock (Clockmaker)
87Confucius Day Confucius Day A wise man said you need to collect the following: 31,500 Black Belt (Martial Arts)
1,125 Noodle Bowl (Asian Cuisine)
88World Vegetarian Day World Vegetarian Day Bitizens are going meat-less for vegetarian day, they need: 1,575 Soy Burger (Vegan Food)
1,710 Hanging Plant (Plant Nursery)
89Fire Prevention Day Fire Prevention Day Bitizens are learning about fire safety! They need: 15,750 Fire Drill (Fire Station)
2,025 Print Ad (Ad Agency)
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