Doorman wearing Bellhop at first

The lobby is basically built when you start playing Tiny Tower. You can not delete it.

Five VIPs, except doorman, can be accommodated in the lobby. When your residence is full and your friend presents you Bitizen, you can keep it in the lobby.

There is one doorman by default. You can change clothes or change appearance. When you visit your friend's tower, the Doorman will represent you. When a friend dresses up his doorman and visits your tower, you get that clothes.

Detail information Edit

If you click on the lobby, a detailed information window will pop up.

  • You can change the name of the lobby. (It's a good idea to change the name of your lobby so it's easy to check when your friends visit you.)
  • You can delete Bitizens who waiting in the lobby.
  • Paint : Changes the color combination of the current lobby.
  • Remodel : Changes the shape of the lobby. Need Bux or VIP Package for unlock.

Remodel Appearance Edit

When the player first begins, they will start out with the basic Lobby, which looks like an average real-life lobby. It can be upgraded into different looks using Bux. Buying the VIP package unlocks all of them. The upgrades do not provide any benefit other than decoration. Also you can browse here.

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