Floors are the main components of Tiny Tower. They all have unique themes and names. Commercial floors (Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, and Creative) sell a variety of merchandise while Residential floors, also known as apartments, house up to 5 Bitizens. You can paint and rename floors however you like.

A commercial floor starts at level 1 and may be upgraded to increase the stock quantity. This allows the floor to generate money longer before running out of stock. The restock time also increases with each floor level upgrade.

Note: Due to the steep increase in Bux, typically players only increase each floor level to 2 or 3.

Floor Level Upgrade Cost Cumulative Cost*
1 0 Bux 0 Bux
2 30 Bux 30 Bux
3 120 Bux 150 Bux
4 270 Bux 420 Bux
5 480 Bux 900 Bux
6 750 Bux 1,650 Bux
7 1,080 Bux 2,730 Bux
8 1,470 Bux 4,200 Bux
9 1,920 Bux 6,120 Bux
10 2,430 Bux 8,550 Bux
* The total cost of this upgrade and all previous upgrades.

As of Tiny Tower Version 3.1.5, the table below describes the number of commercial floors for each Level 1 Total Stock Quantity. The Total Stock Quantity values in the column headers (first row) of the table directly below come from the other tables on this page.

Level 1 Total Stock Quantity
1008 1224 1332 1404 1512 1728 1836 1908 2016
Food 29 1 15 1 2 4 3 1 1 1
Service 29 0 1 10 7 5 3 1 1 1
Recreation 29 0 0 1 3 10 12 1 1 1
Retail 29 0 0 1 2 4 4 10 7 1
Creative 29 0 0 0 1 6 3 1 3 15
Total 145 1 16 13 15 29 25 14 13 19

Note: The Total Stock Quantity value is determined using the following formula.

Total Stock Quantity =

1 * (Product 1 Stock Quantity) +
2 * (Product 2 Stock Quantity) +
3 * (Product 3 Stock Quantity)

Food Floors

Floor NameProduct 1Level 1
Product 2Level 1
Product 3Level 1
Level 1

Total Stock


Airline Food Pretzels144 Ginger Ale288 Turkey Sandwich432 2016
Asian Cuisine Spring Rolls108 Noodle Bowl180 Orange Tofu252 1224
Bakery Sugar Cookies108 Walnut Muffins180 Bread Loaf252 1224
BBQ Place Onion Rings108 BBQ Sandwich216 Beef Ribs288 1404
Cheese Shop Cheddar144 Parmesan252 Mozzarella396 1836
Coffee House Espresso108 Tall Latte180 Frappe252 1224
Diner Cup of Joe108 Bacon & Eggs180 Soup & Sandwich252 1224
Donut Shop Donut Holes108 Glazed Donut216 Bearclaws324 1512
Fancy Cuisine Sparkling Juice108 Caviar180 Roast Duck252 1224
Frozen Yogurt Mini Chocolate108 Medium Vanilla180 Jumbo Swirl252 1224
Hot Dog Joint Plain Dog144 Loaded Dog288 Chili Dog396 1908
Italian Food Garlic Bread144 Cannoli252 Spaghetti360 1728
Lotus House Hot Tea108 Sushi Roll216 Katsu Chicken288 1404
Mexican Food Chips & Salsa108 Tacos180 Shrimp Platter252 1224
Moroccan Cuisine Hummus108 Dates216 Kebabs324 1512
Pancake House Pancakes108 Berry Pancakes216 Big Stack324 1512
Pizza Place Pizza Slice108 Personal Pan180 Giant Pizza252 1224
Pub Bar Nuts108 Root Beer180 Hot Wings252 1224
Rock Diner Rock Fries108 Rock Shake216 Rock Burger324 1512
Scoops Ice Cream Bar108 Triple Scoop180 Ice Cream Cake252 1224
Seafood Sea Bass144 Lobster252 King Crab360 1728
Shrimp Buffet Shrimp Cocktail144 Jumbo Shrimp252 Fried Shrimp360 1728
Sky Burger Fries108 Nuggets180 Big Burger252 1224
Smoothie Shop Wheatgrass108 Small Smoothie180 Jumbo Juice252 1224
Sub Shop 6 Inch Sub108 9 Inch Sub180 12 Inch Sub252 1224
Sushi Bar California Roll72 Tuna Sushi144 Sea Urchin216 1008
Tea House Green Tea108 Dumplings180 Pork Katsu252 1224
Vegan Food Beet Salad108 Roasted Potatoes180 Soy Burger252 1224
Warren Buffet Herb Potatoes108 Popcorn180 Steaks288 1332

Service Floors

Floor NameProduct 1Level 1
Product 2Level 1
Product 3Level 1
Level 1

Total Stock


Bank Check Deposit108 New Account216 Loan Application288 1404
Barber Shop Shave108 Haircut180 Perm252 1224
College Syllabus108 Lecture180 Final288 1332
Courthouse Small Claims108 Family Court216 Grand Jury324 1512
Day Spa Pedicure108 Facial180 Stone Massage288 1332
Dentists Office Cleaning108 Teeth Whitening180 Gold Crown288 1332
Device Repair MP3 Player108 Tablet216 Laptop324 1512
Doctors Office Check Up108 Prescription180 Lab Test288 1332
Fire Station Kitten Rescue144 Inspection252 Fire Drill360 1728
Fortune Teller Palm Reading108 Tarot Reading180 Seance288 1332
Health Club Weight Workout108 Ball Workout180 Cardio Workout288 1332
Laundromat Sock Fluff108 Delicate Cycle180 Denim Dry288 1332
Law Offices Contract 144 Estate Plan 252 Lawsuit 360 1728
Martial Arts White Belt108 Red Belt180 Black Belt288 1332
Mechanic Oil Change144 New Tire252 Tune Up360 1728
Optometrist Eye Glasses108 Contact Lenses180 Laser Treatment288 1332
Pharmacy Cold Medicine108 Flu Shot216 Rx Refill288 1404
Plumber Drain Clean144 Leak Fix288 New Pipes396 1908
Private Eye Background Check108 Surveillance216 Murder Mystery288 1404
Recycling Newspaper108 Cans216 Glass324 1512
Security Office Id Badges108 Radios216 Tasers324 1512
Ship & Print Photocopies108 Shipment216 Sales Report288 1404
Stables Horse Brushing144 Hay Bale288 Stall Cleaning432 2016
Stock Exchange Stock Buy144 Bond Buy252 Gold Buy396 1836
Style Salon Quick Trim108 Perm216 Hair Color288 1404
Tailor Pants Hem108 Alteration216 Fitted Suit324 1512
Travel Agency Car Reservation108 Flight Booking216 Cruise Booking288 1404
Tutoring Center Addition Help108 Grammar Help216 Trig Help288 1404
Wedding Chapel Quick Hitch108 Full Ceremony180 Themed Ceremony288 1332

Recreation Floors

Floor NameProduct 1Level 1
Product 2Level 1
Product 3Level 1
Level 1

Total Stock


Aquarium Admission108 Fish Toy216 Annual Pass324 1512
Arcade 1 Play108 Extra Life216 High Score288 1404
Archery Range Bow Rental144 Arrows252 Arrow Combo360 1728
Billiard Hall Trick Shots144 9-Ball Game252 Pool Contest360 1728
Bowling Alley Shoe Rental144 Single Game252 Tournament360 1728
Boxing Gym Jumprope108 Weigh In180 Sparring288 1332
Broadway Theatre Felines 144 Oz 252 Phantoms 360 1728
Casino Nickel Slots144 Dollar Slots252 Poker Game360 1728
Cineplex Popcorn108 Matinee216 3D Movie324 1512
Circus Circus Ticket144 Elephant Ride288 Tiger Show396 1908
Comedy Club LOL's144 LMAO's252 ROFL's360 1728
Cyber Café Web Browsing144 Computer Games252 Game Tourney360 1728
Golf Sim 75 Balls144 200 Balls288 Golf Lessons432 2016
Haunted House Chills108 Creeps216 Screams324 1512
Karaoke Club Solo Song108 Duet Song216 Club Rental324 1512
Mini Golf 1 Player Round144 2 Player Round252 3 Player Round360 1728
Museum Admission108 Audio Tour216 Charity Event324 1512
Night Club Cover Charge144 Cocktail252 VIP Ticket360 1728
Paintball Arena 100 Paintballs144 500 Paintballs252 1000 Paintballs360 1728
Park Bird Feeding144 Paper Reading252 Disc Toss396 1836
Planetarium Planet Tour108 Solar Tour216 Laser Show324 1512
Racquetball Practice144 Friendly Game252 Tournament360 1728
Rock Climbing 1 Climb108 2 Climbs216 3 Climbs324 1512
Splash Zone Swim Class108 Aquarobics216 Free Swim324 1512
Theater Interpretive Dance108 Comedy216 Tragedy324 1512
Tiger Magic Bandages108 Tiger Toy216 Tiger Show288 1404
Video Rental Movie Rental108 New Release216 Console Rental288 1404
Volleyball Club Practice144 Friendly Game252 Tournament360 1728
Wax Museum Admit 2108 Special Event216 Annual Pass324 1512

Retail Floors

Floor NameProduct 1Level 1
Product 2Level 1
Product 3Level 1
Level 1 Total Stock
Auto Dealer car108 Hatchback216 Convertible288 1404
Bike Shop Bike Shirt144 Bike Wheel252 Mountain Bike396 1836
Bling Jewelers Earrings108 Diamond Ring216 Necklace324 1512
Book Store Paperback144 Hardback252 Boxed Set396 1836
Candle Shop Vanilla Candle108 Pine Candle216 Pumpkin Candle324 1512
Candy Shoppe Bubble Gum108 Peppermints216 Lollypops324 1512
Comic Store Mage Cards144 Battleclub Figure252 Atom Man No 1396 1836
Fabric Shop Thread Spool144 Quilt Square288 Bolts of Fabric396 1908
Furniture Store Fake Plant144 End Table252 Modern Chair396 1836
Game Store Used Game144 Controller288 Game System396 1908
Grocery Store Cereal108 Tabloid216 Produce324 1512
Hat Shop Trucker Hat144 Cowboy Hat252 Top Hat396 1836
Home Supply Lumber144 Power Drill288 Table Saw396 1908
Jewelry Store Earrings144 Diamond Ring252 Necklace360 1728
Joey Bitton Keychain108 Handbag180 Purse288 1332
Legit Watches Re-sizing108 Cheap Watch216 Deluxe Watch288 1404
Mapple Store Mypod144 Myphone252 Mybook396 1836
Mens Fashion Tie144 Dress Belt288 3 Piece Suit396 1908
Music Store Sheet Music144 Trumpet252 Electric Guitar396 1836
Pet Shop Pet Food144 Hermit Crab252 Parrot360 1728
Plant Nursery Small Cactus144 Hanging Plant288 Fertilizer396 1908
Record Shop Single144 Album252 Discography396 1836
Robot Store Cleaning Robot144 Rover Robot288 Android432 2016
Shoe Store Sandals144 Sneakers252 Dress Shoes396 1836
Surf Shop Surf Wax144 Rash Guard252 Custom Board396 1836
Tech Store Camera144 Laptop288 Flat Screen TV396 1908
Tourist Trap Hats144Flags252Elvis Cutout3601728
Toy Store Toy Blocks144 Rocket Ship252 Toy Soldiers360 1728
Womens Fashion Cute Hat144 Purse288 Nice Outfit396 1908

Creative Floors

Floor NameProduct 1Level 1
Product 2Level 1
Product 3Level 1
Level 1 Total Stock
Ad Agency Print Ad144 Billboard Ad288 TV Ad432 2016
Animation Studio Animated Short108 DVD Release216 Cinema Classic324 1512
Architect Office Room Addition144 House Design288 Tower Design432 2016
Art Studio Small Portrait144 Still Life288 Landscape432 2016
Cake Studio Single Layer144 Double Layer288 Triple Layer432 2016
Chocolatier Choc Truffle144 Choc Box252 Choc Sculpture360 1728
Clockmaker Cuckoo Clock144 Cat Clock252 Floor Clock396 1836
Costume Shop Custom Hat144 Custom Dress288 Custom Robes432 2016
Creative Ink Butterfly Tat108 Skull Tat216 Bird Tat324 1512
Dance Studio Tango108 Ballet216 Disco288 1404
Fashion Studio Wrap Design144 Blouse Design288 Outfit Design432 2016
Film Studio Food Commercial144 TV Episode288 Movie Shoot432 2016
Floral Studio Corsage108 Bouquet216 Arrangement324 1512
Game Studio Match 3 Game144 City Sim288 MMORPG432 2016
Glass Studio Green Tumbler144 Orange Vase288 Aqua Bottle432 2016
Graphic Design Album Cover144 Band Poster288 Web Site432 2016
Laboratory Love Potion108 Mystery Goo216 Monster324 1512
Metal Studio Wrought Iron144 Welding252 Sculpture360 1728
Native Art Studio Basket108 Plate216 Blanket324 1512
Photo Studio Pet Portrait144 Single Portrait288 Family Portrait432 2016
Pottery Studio Simple Bowl144 Pretty Plate288 Detailed Vase432 2016
Recording Studio Jingle Recording144 Single Recording288 Album Recording432 2016
Sculpting Studio Bust144 Idol288 Statue396 1908
Soda Brewery Cherry Soda144 Cola 6 Pack288 Soda Keg432 2016
Software Studio Calendar App144 Anti-virus App288 Bank Software396 1908
Superhero Lab Super Strength108 Costume216 Fast Healing324 1512
Tattoo Parlor Butterfly144 Demon Skull288 Fancy Parrot396 1908
TV Studio News Segment144 Talk Show252 Celeb Interview360 1728
Wood Shop Chair144 Rocking Horse288 Bookcase432 2016