This page is for registering a Friend Code. After put your code on this list and no missing information, your information will be listed on the official friend code list :

Friend Code List

Before you add it Edit

  • You can find out your Friend Code here.
  • See Friends for more information on how to interact with other players.
  • You can find more ways to promote yourself in other channels.
  • Towers with no name, no friend code, no elevator speed or not connected for over 30 days may not be registered on the official list without prejudice.
  • If you don't know how to Add or Edit it, Please leave a message at the bottom of this page.
  • If you have any trouble with add button. Use this code:
|Name= Cas
|Friend_code= 8BMZ0
|Floors= 23
|Speed= 3.00
|VIP= No

Name Friend Code Floors Elevator speed VIP Comments


8BMZ0 23 3.00 Sad face


48CPF Rebuild @ 50 10 FPS (MAX) Happy face Play everyday, will return visits.


BS4K7 13 2.00 Sad face Man baby jiggles

BLB6N Sad face


BR2QT 17 1.50 Sad face Sorry my elevator’s slow. I play daily, will add friends back and will visit every day with different costumes! If you need any bitizens let me know on bitbook or make a request and I’ll do my best to send some. Please add me! <3


BF3S1 49 4.5 Sad face I’ll visit backkkkk


6FGWZ 50+ 5.75 Sad face Play everyday, visit you back


9G9XL 17 2.25 Sad face i’ll visit back!!

Add me guys! 8Z4MQ Edit


8Z4MQ 30 TOP Happy face vip


6L4BW 122 5.00 Sad face


1YCS4 46 7.25 Happy face

Nathan’s tower

9HR3Q 850 1000 Happy face ADD ME!!!! Need friends plzzz I rebuild at 50 so far have 20 golden tickets so come CHECK IT OUT!!! <3


64683 137 5.00 Sad face add me please


BT2SF 10 2.5 Sad face Just got the game will be adding more floors and upgrading!!


BT4VR A few Slow Sad face Gonna keep rebuilding at 50


5JD7W 30 3.50 Sad face :)


BSZ9S 14 2.0 Sad face
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