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This page is for registering a Friend Code. After put your code on this list and no missing information, your information will be listed on the official friend code list :

Friend Code List

Before you add it[]

  • You can find out your Friend Code here.
  • See Friends for more information on how to interact with other players.
  • You can find more ways to promote yourself in other channels.
  • Towers with no name, no friend code, no elevator speed or not connected for over 30 days will be deleted from below.
  • You MUST rename your lobby with your name/nickname!
  • If you don't know how to add or edit it, please leave your full details in a comment at the bottom of this page. (If no full details you will not be added)
  • If you have any trouble with add button in the tables, use this code in the source editor:
|Name= Your name
|Friend_code= Your friend code
|Floors= Current floor count
|Speed= Elevator speed
|VIP= Yes or No
|Comments= This is a sample

Friend Code Listing[]

Name Friend Code Floors Elevator speed VIP CommentsAddMe


12345 10 3.75 Yes This is a sample


3H2G5 52 3.25fps No I’m just getting into the game and want to learn more!


GGYKY 50 6.50 No Play daily :)


4NNP3 25+ 11.25 FPS Yes I recently reset after getting 250 floors in my last tower! I check in multiple times a day :)


G26FK 22 3.75 No Daily user, will visit every friend and donate if available. Cheers. 🏗️


FY0LN 24 2.25 No please be friends! I'm restarting after a long time away!


FSJCW 22 2.5 No


1ZSD2 176 6.75 No Add me and I'll add back. Recently started playing daily after a few years of absence.

Bean :)

6CZH2 148 8.0 No I now play daily after a long break, I visit back!

I send out gold dream job bits if I can when you request them :) Please send me clones if you get them!


FB8MS 60 9.50 Yes I try to go on every day and will always visit & add back :)


FQL1T 21 2.75 Yes


FQ589 43 5.25 Sad face


FQ643 12 1.25 No Add me! I play daily


FLYP4 36 6.25 Yes


8GSCN 49 10 (+1) Yes daily play 11/5/22


FNVQF 20+ 6 Yes Hi, I am an active player (started from scratch on 10/30/22 after a long break). I play daily and return visits :)


FMRRT 15 2 & Counting No Hi im active as of 10/16/2022

Amber in all

FD1KJ 84 10 Yes 250 floors on the way


F1TY5 117 8.25 No Add me as a friend, online daily and visits back


FR7SK 12 1.75 No Hi, I’m just a newbie. Nice to meet everyone. Thanks!


BZ64X 106 10.5fps Yes


FFLRH 50 5.00 Yes


FNSPP 23 2.25 Yes


F2WXW 96 7.25 Yes I play daily in the year 2022. Please add me and I'll get back to you quickly.

Wolf of Power

5NT5B 30 MAX Yes Hi! Recently back on Tiny Tower, exploring the new features and looking to make Bux. I play daily, will visit, and will take requests.


FLKHD 11 1.75 fps No hi, I have just restarted after haven’t seen the game for a few years. I am very active


FMLH6 31 3.5 No On my third tower and play daily!!!


CD28Z Rebuilding every 50 8.75 Yes HEY


FLG9C 40+ 5 No Come Visit


639HZ 72 10,50 Yes


BX41R 26 11.25 Yes Rebuild every 50


FM9KR 17 2.25 No


CZY7F 23 2.5 FPS No I'm new to this wiki, pls add me. I play on weekdays


FMZLD 13 2.5 No Starting to get into this! Want to help everyone


FBBDC 100 6.75 FPS No I play several times daily. Looking for TT Friends!


FKNC8 56 4.00 FPS No Active daily and will visit you as well everyday! Have doctor costume and cat pet on so you can unlock it!


F4THG Rebuilding every 50 9 FPS Yes I'm active daily! Looking for friends :)


FLG08 150 11.25 Yes


FDP4Z 41 4.25 No Im on daily and will gift u and I’ll gift u workers


FNRPZ 20 3 No Play Daily


FL490 44 5.25 FPS Yes Still in the early game, so mostly working on gold tickets at the moment, but will do my best to visit you every day!


3735V 42 7 Yes


22BK7 104 2,50 No Need Friends


9WLX5 188 9.00 No


3TCV9 186 6 No Fell free to add me. Playing everyday. Always happy to help.


FTCD4 30 5.0 Yes


5MLSH 12 2.00 No New to this game and wanna make friends :) Gonna visit you daily~


7HBNQ 39 4.5 No looking for some friends. Play daily, will send bitizen when able, lets build some towers


2YYYK ~50 7.25 No


FVP4S 50 6.75 Yes I play every day


881BB 175 8.75 Yes playing somewhat daily


FZNCF 44 7.50+ FPS No I rebuild every 50 floors, 6 golden tickets at the moment, I visit friends everyday :)

Not sure

G6CXZ 32 Don’t know No Visit :)


G6CXZ 32 2.00 No Visit me :) very active!


CZ8YV 43 (constantly rebuilding at 50) 11.25 Yes occasionally sending bitizens before rebuild (if requested)


G7SKQ 50 (as at 30 Apr) 3.5 (any faster will make me nauseas) No Very new (started 22 Apr). Looking forward to a rebuild after obtaining the 2 gold tickets via Tech Tree so I can progress faster and eventually end up with a fun-looking tower!


GB7DP 21 4.25 No Will buy VIP when it's on sale again.


G8C89 36 5.0 Yes


4RFDT 300+ 11.25+ Yes Daily player, feel free to add :)


G7VHQ 42 6.75 No On almost daily, will visit you back


G1T5V 201 7 No I play everyday 6/23/2023


9X1CV 22 10.75 No I rebuild often! Going for the landmarks


GNNQR 13 2.5 No just started playing today! f2p because the only game that i have ever spent real money on is project sekai!!!


FCRJK 59+ 4 fps Yes took a break for a while but active again :)


GHY1J 143 8 No Very acyive player, add me and lets get bux together. Thx.


GN99X 25 4.75 No I am new and trying to learn ◡̈ active everyday

|- | Mar11o |F2FFF |62 |6.5 FPS |No |I play daily. I visit you. I have 8 golden tickets.

|- | Ripsnorter |GR5CJ |51 |4.5 |No |I really enjoy this game and would love to play together sometime :)

{{AddMe Cherie BKNVW= 254= 6.25= |VIP=YES |Comments= }}

|- | YOLO |DV0NY |36 |7.5 |No |A real active player whose last playing time was a few seconds ago. Life is short, and you only live once. Why not become a friend of mine ;)

|- | pumpkin |8G8Q2 |49+ |5.75 |No |I have many spare Maxed Bitizens and can send any that have Dream Jobs matching your current floors to help out! ^-^

|- | Elle |688CG |230 |11.0 |No |i've been playing for a few years and i'm finally going to rebuild!

|- | YEZZY |275MK |19 |2.25 FPS |No |

|- | Jennifer |F3507 |43 |7.50 FPS |No |I play daily and rebirth a lot :,)

|- | Voidsmith888 |GWLWL |23 |4.5 |No |Just want some GTs

|- | 2Michi |GXWVP |4 |4,50 |No |I am pretty active atm due to being on vacation. I will return visits. Sorry if I miss anyone, but noticed that sometimes it gives me the button to visit and other times I dont get it. I'm figuring that I might have already visited. Also, I got incredibly lucky and in 48 hours I received 5 golden tickets. -28Dec, 2023

|- | Fiala06 |81XBN |62 |6.0 |Yes |Daily Player :)

-Hermyworm| GYMTB| 30+| 4 fps| not a VIP| I try to play daily but life is hard sometimes

|- | Kat |GQ4R8 |101 |5.25 fps |No |hi!

|- | Artemisworks |GXLKL |100 |7.25 |No |Please add me, I'll try to visit daily. 2nd tower on new phone.

|- | Hannah |H0QFK |174 |9.00 FPS |No |Just started playing again after many years, trying to figure out all the new features 😄

|- | Mafer |DYS8N |9 |1.75 |No |Im new and very active :) i will always visit daily

|- | Mali |GWMPL |100 |11.25 |No |Daily playing. Cheers.

|- | GAIUS |H030V |36 |4,25 |No |Hello!

|- | |[1] | | |No |

|- | DREW |VB9M |89 |9.0 |No |Currently building tall for wonders/tech (less than 150 floors), doing 0-50 builds after

|- | Louise |SMNK | 122|9.0| no| Daily player

|- | 01Michi |GXQYH |155 |Maxxed |Yes |I do try to visit within 3 days

|- | CIT |H0R2C |29 |3.25 |No |Just restarted game

|- | Izzy |H5KTJ |37 |5.75fps |No |Started a couple months ago, so bare with me. I will visit 4 visit :)

|- | Kareela |H89YR |24 |4.00 |No |Play daily,Will visit back,currently rebuilding

|- | Steven_M |H9VCD |25 |2.00 |No |Hi! I'd like to be your friend!

|- | Amuztak |15PV |43 |10 |Yes |I keep rebuilding my tower at 50 floor to get golden tickets, so it's gonna be a small tower

|- | FaRo |HGNR0 |20 |3,00 |No |Daily player