Floors are an essential gameplay component in Tiny Tower. Each player's Tower consists of floors. When a player first begins, they start with only a Lobby, and gradually build more floors as the game progresses.

The two main types of floors are Commercial floors and Residential floors.

Commercial floors are stores and venues that sell a variety of different items, which can be anything from events to merchandise; each commercial floor sells three different types of items. A commercial floor requires workers (up to three Bitizens) to stock these items and keep the floor open so that the player can make money by selling these items. Commercial floors are separated into five different categories: Food, Service, Recreation, Retail, and Creative.

Residential floors are apartments that Bitizens live in. Each apartment has a distinct name and visual theme. Up to five Bitizens can live in one apartment, and any of them can be evicted per the player's wishes (unless he or she is stocking a commercial floor; then the player must wait until the Bitizen is finished stocking to evict them).

The player can move any floor at any time for free. They may be moved up and down any number of stories to suit the player's needs, but no floor may go beneath the lobby. Any floor can also be renamed, although there is a sixteen character limit.

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