• Lucero Impact E

    A New Admin

    August 3, 2018 by Lucero Impact E

    Hello everybody who stopped by to visit this page! I am planning on sending an adoption request because our only admin Kaitoupirate has been inactive since his/her last edit was on (precisely) 15:16, October 29, 2014. 

    Let me know on what you think about this and comment down below or vote if you know who should be the next admin, because you opinon matters!

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  • Fancyeditor

    Bad Music

    July 15, 2018 by Fancyeditor

    I can't stand the new tiny tower music, and I'm sure it's not just me. The music is so sweet and sing songy, its unoriginal and sounds like it should be in a unicorn and rainbow game. I feel that tiny tower music needs to be lobby/elevator music, that is serious, but energetic and helps pass the time.

    Does anyone else hate this music??


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  • TheEAjawa

    Are there towers?

    August 23, 2017 by TheEAjawa

    There were towers in Tiny Tower so don’t miss a day so if you miss a day, you won’t put 1 firework

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  • Dalethium

    Hey, so I extracted the sprite sheet from their unity resources, you can find icons for the wikia here, if you need to increase the resolution, stretch it with nearest neighbour resizing. Thanks! Have a great day!

    imgur link just in case

    1000% size, google drive. (50MB)

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  • IshidaGorou

    Get badge~

    July 18, 2017 by IshidaGorou

    i post for badges lol

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  • Martineet

    Day 10

    June 28, 2016 by Martineet

    God dammnit, we can say that it's pretty updated ! JohnnyToaster did an amazing job with the floors!

    PD:yesterdat forgot to edit and got the achievement to edit consectuvive14 days in the number 13, i reset it and im on 1st now TT

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  • Martineet

    Day 9

    June 25, 2016 by Martineet

    It has appeared a wild new editor in the tall grass, i will have one friend! And it seems he control the layout and is starting to discover the formula behind every floor, perfect!!!

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  • Martineet

    Day 8

    June 24, 2016 by Martineet

    Probably in a few hours Rooftop will be finished, with the option to construct the floor u want, i can finish al the floor pages!!

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  • Martineet

    Day 7

    June 21, 2016 by Martineet

    Rooftop starts having a a good model!

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  • Martineet

    Day 6

    June 20, 2016 by Martineet

    Working on Rooftop, let's do the same work that in the Lobby

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  • Martineet

    Day 5

    June 19, 2016 by Martineet

    Lobby finally ended, going to work on roofs but i add to the list making a page with all the floors's images to predict what commercial is when is under construcion, good night!

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  • Martineet

    Day 4

    June 18, 2016 by Martineet

    Lobby completed, Costume need the Travel Agent, the most rare costume, probably isnt yet on the game.

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  • Martineet

    Day 3

    June 17, 2016 by Martineet

    Costumes are advancing quite quickly!!

    All floors pages created but the 99% has the old numbers and the newers don't have the images required TT

    Go wikia go!

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  • Martineet

    Day 2

    June 16, 2016 by Martineet

    We don't know how d***k change the floor layout for lvls >1.

    For now i update the costumes and w8 the subredditt to send me the floors image i need to complete the floors's wikia.

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  • Martineet

    Day 1

    June 15, 2016 by Martineet

    Dont discovered yet how to change the layout

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  • Idontlikeit2

    I don't have my own computer yet, so I'm editing on my iPad mini. At first I though it would be way easier- no lag, great keyboard, easy controls. But when I first started to edit a page, I found out that there was no control plus z, so sometimes if I don't know how to undo something, I have to discard all my edits that time! Furthermore, whenever I try to press or highlight something, my screen goes back to the top! It's so frustrating as sometimes I lose my place on really long lists (BitBook, Bitizens, and even my own page I created, searching for Bitizens) and I get super frustrated. Though my iPad mini might be sorta old (very late 2013) my IOS is up to date, my internet has zero lag, and it's better than on a phone, I imagine. Thus, …

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  • Brettlin

    Hi community,

    I used to have a spreadsheet I made that I used to track my progress and find the next mission to accomplish. I ended up deleting it once I collected all of the GameCenter Achievements for this game and then stopped playing. I recently decided to pickup the game again and see if I can get all the rest of the missions complete. I am going to recreate my spreadsheet because I cannot seem to find anything similar to what I was using. If you have any feedback, requests, or a link to an already created sheet, let me know. I'll see what I can work out.

    Brettlin (talk) 17:22, March 3, 2014 (UTC)

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  • DenMetr0n0M


    January 28, 2014 by DenMetr0n0M

    If you have questions, please aske me them here.

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  • Kaitoupirate

    Poll Ideas

    November 18, 2013 by Kaitoupirate

    Hey everyone! Do you have any interesting, Tiny Tower-related poll ideas? Submit them below in the comments! New polls are released every month, so check back to see if yours has been picked. :)

    Poll Choice for November-December 2014

    Submitted by ???

    No poll has been chosen yet!

    Poll Choice for September-October 2014 (current)

    Submitted by Kaitoupirate

    Have you downloaded Nimblebit's new mobile game, "Tiny Tower Vegas"?
    Yes, I have already!  ???
    No, but I'm thinking about it...  ???
    No, I don't want to.  ???
    Nimblebit has a new game out?  ???

    Poll Choice for July-August 2014 (current)

    Submitted by Kaitoupirate

    Have you ever made any in-game purchases?
    No, I don't want to 89.13%
    Yes, but it was an accident 1.74%
    Yes, just a few times 8.26%
    Yes, all the time…

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  • Kaitoupirate

    I noticed some things that could be spruced up around the site, so I decided to make a handy list to keep track of it all. You can read about it below.

    Hey everyone! I joined this wiki with the goal of improving articles and their contents - adding accurate information, clear images, and detailed descriptions; cleaning up their grammar and style for easy, concise reading; and providing an overall helpful website for Tiny Tower players.

    Maintaining such a website takes a lot of work - and it takes continuous contributions from our members and anonymous editors to keep providing content for the wiki. Although the wiki has plenty of content, it also has numerous issues. Many articles don't have images or descriptions, some articles don't even e…

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  • LikiFanz


    May 1, 2013 by LikiFanz

    So many outdated stuff... Like Missions and some jobs.

    What do you guys think?

    Some BitBook posts are outdated. And missions...

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  • CaptainFrostedFlakes

    When I got the latest update, hoping those Xmas decorations would go away, they DIDN'T! NimbleBit needs to fix this, it's outdated!

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  • Ihathann

    Doing This For Badge

    August 15, 2012 by Ihathann

    Hello If you have any questions about me just ask!

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  • Honeywaffles

    Tiny Tower

    March 8, 2012 by Honeywaffles

    Tiny Tower is a fantastic I-Pod Touch game you can find in the app store.

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  • Amara1078

    Neat Noodle waz makin a peenut buter & jely sandwitch wen she bit in2 it & it waz crunchi not smooth! NOOOOOOOOO! peenut buter & jely friend or foe?

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  • Owlish

    The New Bitizen

    February 15, 2012 by Owlish

    Hi! Im a new bitizen here. My tower is currently 58 floors, and ill probably be on the wiki a fair bit. You can also find me on 39 Clues wiki, Camp Half-Blood wiki and Civilization wiki See you around!

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  • Grovyle4life

    Admin Contest

    January 19, 2012 by Grovyle4life

    As you know, I am not very active on this wiki. The time has come that I assign an admin! Sign up in the comments and I will review your request. Only 1 as of now!


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  • Sirface

    Another Blog

    January 15, 2012 by Sirface


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  • Sirface


    January 14, 2012 by Sirface

    random Cat Scratches on my hand -- Funny. Don't have a cat, *and* its friday the 13th. spooky.

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  • Kiara101

    Tiny Tower

    November 27, 2011 by Kiara101


    Tiny Tower is one of the best games in the world for the Ipod touch and maby even Iphone and Ipad. Does anyone know????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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  • Bmltera


    November 19, 2011 by Bmltera

    Hi, im new to this wiki. If there's anything you need help with, llet me know, because ive had past experience.

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  • MeYouAndTheRadio

    So, I'm New

    August 27, 2011 by MeYouAndTheRadio

    I'm new, and I have a lot of Bitizens to add to the site! I've added four so far, attempting to make this a bigger wiki, but for some reason the page counter doesnt count the pages I've added! Is it broken or do the Bitizen pages not count?

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  • Taurin423

    Bitizen Guilt

    July 28, 2011 by Taurin423

    Searching for Bitizens makes me feel so racist.

    "All the black people with blue shirts look alike." :$

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  • Grovyle4life


    July 17, 2011 by Grovyle4life


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  • MarkvA

    Last week NimbleBit, Tiny Tower's developer, released their first update for Tiny Tower. Unfortunately enough it doesn't feature any major updates or fixes, but it does fix some minor yet annoying bugs in the game. Here's a complete list of all fixes:

    • Fixed crash when dressing up bitizens
    • Fixed crash on loading on older devices
    • Fixed bug with Game Center achievement updating
    • Disabled certain features during tutorial
    • Scaled down names of neighbors to prevent overlap
    • Other small bug fixes

    Have you encountered any (game-breaking) bugs in Tiny Tower? Let us know in the comments!

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  • MarkvA

    Those are the starting lines of Kotaku's review of Tiny Tower. Sounds bad, doesn't it? Actually, it isn't bad at all. Like a wise man once said, "don't judge a book by its cover."

    The review starts with the game's graphics. If you'd ask a person to review some screenshots of Tiny Tower, without that person actually playing the game will probably only result in negative responses. But as soon as you start the game, you'll be blown away by the "freaking amazing" graphics that are "very adorable" and will "put a smile on your face". Then again, the game has 4 1/2 stars in the iTunes store, which is far above average.

    A second point Kotaku praises is the great balance between the free-to-play and paid functions. Like most, if not all free iPhone…

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  • Grovyle4life


    July 1, 2011 by Grovyle4life

    Hello. I'm G4. Have any questions? Ask 'em here!

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